Atulya Detoxifying Lemon Soap - Handmade Soap with Natural Essential Oils

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100% Pure & Natural Atulya Lemon Soap is a handmade, hand-cut, natural oil-based soap. Which is made from Fresh Lemon, glycerin and vegetable oil. Infused with elements of lemon oil extracts& wheatgerm oil it tones your skin the natural way. Atulya lemon Soap has anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties help limit bacterial and microbial deposition on the skin, minimizes pores, controls oil secretion and provides a temporary skin firming treatment. Enhanced with freshness of lime it helps in fighting body odour. Lemon helps in brightening skin and lightens blemishes.


  • Gently cleanses and detoxifies the skin
  • Brightens& tones skin.
  • Removes tan, blemishes and dullness
  • Deeply cleanses skin and cures itching
  • Fights Wrinkles and Fine Lines
  • Controls oil secretion
  • Keeps you hydrated and refreshed


Drizzle the skin with water and mildly apply the bar to craft a soft cloud of lather. Soak in the aromatic fragrance of pureLemon and rinse off.

Store the product in a cool dry place after use to reserve the bio effectiveness of its elements and its luxurious beauty essence

Key Ingredients

Lemon Oil: Lemon Oil has traditionally been used in Ayurveda as a cooling agent during the summers.Lemon essential oil has antioxidants, which helps inenhancing and revitalizing dull skin. It also has antiseptic, astringent, and purifying properties that can help eradicate blemishes associated with oily skin.

Wheatgerm Oil: Wheat germ oil is truly an elixir for great skin care regime.Packed with beneficial antioxidants, apart from the trace mineral zinc, it efficiently treats dryness, acne, dark spots, scars and is an excellent organic remedy for eczema.

Glycerin: A natural humectant or a skin-conditioner, glycerin keeps your skin hydrated, soft and supple. It also shields your skin from harmful environmental aggressors, while improving its texture. Glycerin also treats several skin disorders, ranging from dry skin to wound healing.

Vegetable Oil: Vegetable oils have potent moisturizing properties that soothe and soften the skin. Its strong emollient properties help prevents harmful pollutants from penetrating the skin.Vegetable oils are rich in vitamins, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants that moisturize, nourish and protect the skin.

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