Our Story

Atulya commenced its expedition at a time when herbal products were observed with cynicism. But our founder had secure credence in the supremacy of nature’s goodness. He was induced that people would segment his credence if the reimbursements of herbs and plants were examined and evaluated through science and were proven to be safe and effective though experiential indication. Confronting all odds, he endured with a reliable spirit to comprehend his dreams to reality.

Our Founder was inspired by the ancient science of healing with the use of herbs concocted with science to form exquisite formulations which helped in the healing of skin, body, and hair care. They understood its influences and pursued to resuscitate its affluences with a yearning to share their knowledge with the rest of the world. They fashioned a gorgeous assortment of herbal treatments, thus helping to reserve an effective form of wellness and the communities it supports.

Atulya Inspired by Incredible Nature has stood for Ayurveda and plant-based ingredients since time immemorial. Atulya has been serving women since ages and believes in the magic of plant-based ingredient and Ayurveda and has the similar vision as its parent company Beacon Bio Life Science. Inspired by nature and the study of Bio science and its positive effects on individual is one of the most vital steps that they follow while curating products of supremacy quality. Atulya continues to follow the vision of their parent company Beacon Bio Life Science and evolves with plant-based ingredients to benefit natural glow of skin and hair. The Founder of Beacon Bio Life Science Mr. Gaurav Singh believes that the essence of Ayurveda and plant-based ingredient when combined with Bio science formulates to create the magic of natural elegance and beauty which can bever fade with time.


Ardently engrossed on the purity of elements and effectiveness of preparations, all Atulya ‘products are high eminence, handsomely packaged with GMC certification, and accessible internationally. This collection of herbal products is free of artificial colors, fragrances, parabens, or petrochemicals. Atulya is against animal testing.

The Atulya work with local forest communities, and small-scale farmers and artisans to spring the natural elements that advance their purity to Atulya products. This was an unchartered territory which brought us with its new encounters and new prospects for erudition. As people around the world were awakening up to the assistances of herbal and natural products for personal care needs,

Atulya announced personal care product modernizations based on examination involvement in herbal medicine and the heritage of understanding the world of herbs. We brought to customers the goodness of nature revealed through scientific exploration. Staying true to our obligation of providing safe, gentle, and effective products permeated with herbs.

We have developed as the incomparable innovators in reconnoitering the collaboration between Herbal and modern science to develop products that binge the aptitude of Wellness in every Home and Happiness in every Heart.

Our Mission

Atulya has been on a mission to brand wellness a fragment of every home for more than few decades. We want to be recognized as the most reliable brand providing methodical herbal healthcare resolutions. Loved by our customers for our ethics, values, and commitment to sustainability.

Our vision

Convey wellness and pleasure to every home via herbal resolutions based on knowledge.

Our mission statement reads

Launched Atulya as a science-based, problem-solving, head-to-heel brand, yoked from nature's wealth and categorized by confidence and healthy lives.

Industrialized markets worldwide with an in-depth and long-term style, upholding at each step the maximum principled ethics.

Reverence cooperate with and employ the talents of each member of the Atulya family and the local communities where Atulya products are established and/or expended, and to meticulously espouse eco-friendly observes to sustenance the atmosphere we dwell.

Ensure that each Atulya sturdily backs our aptitude to surpass the prospects of the customer, each time. Nothing less is adequate.

Our Culture

Our founder, resolutely alleged that the accomplishment of an organization be contingent on the people working for the Organization. The finest minds stimulate the best originations. He felt that a company needs optimistic, avid individuals who are ready to take on encounters and think “out of the box”.

Over the centuries, this very philosophy has molded the fundamental of our Human Resource performs.

Today, over 5000 people are helping us comprehend our vision of distribution Wellness in Every Home and Contentment in Every Heart counting a team of over 200 enthusiastic scientists in Research & Development Team determinedly working to revolutionize new products. We endure to bring on board people who are endowed, ambitious, and enthused by our vision to bring health and wellness to the lives of the people we touch.

People are Atulyamost significant strength and capitalizing in them is vibrant to us. From giving them the imaginative autonomy to thrust the margins of exploration to nurturing a philosophy of open announcement and miscellany, we trust that our nurturing work environment brings out the best in our squad and consents us to progress the best products.

Our Responsibility

Gentle for life is Atulya ‘essential business ideology. It expresses the way we think and the way we act.

Atulya has always been enthusiastic to upkeep for life, and this thought is profoundly entrenched in our principles. This spirit to supplement and enhance life has fashioned and enthused the creativities we support and drive.

Gentle Towards Community

We, as a company, wish to expand the lives of people and leave a positive impact on the communities that make Atulya the brand it is today. We have always undertaken activities to conserve nature, empower farmers, support local communities, enriching lives and livelihoods. Constantly motivated for improvement, Atulya has worked towards endorsing health, inspiring sustainability, and regarding and elevating life in all forms.

Gentle Towards Mother Earth

Beyond our products, we desire to touch the lives of people and aim at conveying the modification of aimproved tomorrow through creativities that permit people and shield the true magnificence of Mother Earth.