Our Inspiration

Atulya is inspired by the study of ancient Indian science of healing. Atulya believes in using Ayurvedic & Natural herbs which are handpicked from the lap of Himalayas & forests of Kerala.

Keeping in mind, the abstract Qualities of Nature, Atulya believes in using these age-old traditions, techniques, and methods to curate their products along with the amalgamation of bioscience. Infused with Nature’s own secret recipe and following the ancient traditions from all over India that are being used for centuries by our patrons to uphold their beauty.

We, too at #Atulya has traveled around India to gain the secrets of Mother Nature and has peeked into the loving rituals to gain the ingredients which are best for self-care that nourishes one from within.

Atulya’s Collections of products are based on these traditions and rituals that are painstaking in Nature, to craft something exquisitely beautiful for you. We also believed that the rich vegetation of the Himalayas and wealth of herbs from Kerala are used in most authentic treatments and they have been specifically infused in our collections to curate authentic traditional treatments for your skin, body & hair enrichment, and well-being.